Dating a Muslim Man

muslim man

Dating a Muslim Man

In the past, dating a Muslim man was considered unfeasible. For conservative religious people, Muslim dating was equivalent to practicing satanic cult dating. But, times have changed in our favor. There are now many non-Muslims who are also looking for Muslims as partners in life and thus, there is no need for you to be scared of meeting a Muslim man.

It is important for you to note that there are many different kinds of marriage under the banner of Islam. The most commonly practiced is the ‘khums‘ or the marriage of the boy child to the girl of the family. This is considered to be the finest and honorable way to marry. The first step in a Muslim man marrying a girl is to seek the approval of his religion leaders. This is essential to ensure that your choice of partner is allowed by your religion.

Islam is based on four pillars namely, Shari’a, Talaq, wali and halal. Each of them has their own significance and followers. The key factor in Islamic marriage is the fact that both the partners must believe in the teachings of the religion. Therefore, if you choose to date a non-muslim, you should ensure that he is a practising Muslim too. In case you are not sure about this, then it would be prudent to ask him some doubts in order to see how he stands with regards to the religion.

As the question has been cleared regarding dating a Muslim man, it would be apt to talk about his marriage to a Christian woman. In case you are a Christian and want to date a Muslim, then it would be prudent for you to strictly adhere to the principles of your religion and prevent yourself from being a part of any affair outside your marriage. This is because, Islam considers the marriage to be between a man and a woman and not between two women. Even after death, the marriage is considered to be between a Muslim and a Christian and not between two Muslims.

Many people in the western world fail to understand the difference between Islam. Islam, is in essence, a religion that teaches about worldly matters such as agriculture, commerce, accounting and finance, science and technology, politics, human life and ethics. On the other hand, Islam is a political movement that is practiced by Muslim majority people living in various countries across the globe. Islam believes that all believers are above the laws of God who is the ruler of the world and all mankind are bound by the command of god. It is also believed that god will help his servants who follow the guidance of prophet Muhammad (SAW) when they are in trouble.

When you plan to start dating a Muslim woman, you must understand that it is a two way thing. You can only win her soul if you are kind, considerate and spend some quality time alone with her. The moment you start to have some differences with her over some issues, then you might be seen as a bad guy by her so you must avoid arguments and focus on getting along with her. After some time alone with her, you will understand what exactly is required from you will find that you can easily win the love of a Muslim woman for the relationship to work out for the best.