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muslim man
Dating a Muslim Man

In the past, dating a Muslim man was considered unfeasible. For conservative religious people, Muslim dating was equivalent to practicing satanic cult dating. But, times have changed in our favor. There are now many non-Muslims who are also looking for Muslims as partners in life and thus, there is no need for you to be […]

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muslim woman
Dating a Muslim Woman

What is the Right approach for dating a Muslim Woman? Muslim women have so many roles to perform that even the man they are dating hardly gets a chance to know her. Under Islamic principles, how many roles can a woman play in a man’s life? Besides being a wife, mother and wife, she has […]

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muslim relationships
Muslim Relationships Rules

How does a Muslim man and a Muslim woman in a relationship work? The fact of the matter is that Muslim dating is not really for all Muslim women. It is only for those who are able to fulfill the requirements that are asked from them. What Muslim women need to understand is that there […]

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